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Search module of extenso. Why is the website not indexing correctly.

Why is the client website not indexing correctly in the search module of Extenso. We run the index script, but it didn't work.

Asked on 2020-01-21 00:00:00


The robots 

Sednove indexing robot work like all other robots. So for it to work properly, you need to verify the following :

  • Follows robots.txt rules
    • Robot file must allow the robots to scan the pages.
  • The robot will index the production site.
  • seo checkbox of the site page must be set to yes
  • in the seo menu in client/parameters indexing must be checked
    • Publish all the pages after you checked it

Run the indexer

To run the indexer: scripts/run libertev4 as in: 
/usr/local/website/libertev4/toolbox/module/sed/search/ script/run libertev4

Indexed page result

Indexed page will be store in the table sed_search_siteindex

This table is in Search/Search/Site index menu

Answer by:
Pierre Laplante

Replied on: 2020-01-21 00:00:00