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Discover the unique extenso open programming system. Extenso is the result of two decades of research and development supported by the NRC and the tax credit program for R & D. Extenso enables us to develop customized applications, and adjust them to your needs rather than impose the mold of existing software with SNcode, a compiler language written for the web.

extenso is the first software focusing specifically on the web's sustainability thus ensuring highly performing, secure and scalable results. With this documentation, users will be able to manage the CMS in order to develop their projects.

What type of documentation are you looking for?

Get started

What you need to know (What is Extenso?)

Site management

Create pages & menus, grid management, publish and deploy

The grid

Modify your pages and master pages with the grid


What you need to know about widgets (and special cases)


Email and newsletter campaign management tool


Create and manage a store with Extenso (ecommerce module)


Add an advertising on your website. It can be an image, a text, a javascript or even a video


Understand how the different design tools of your website work

Style editor

Everything there is to know about the style editor

Form extension

Allows the creation of single or multi-step form.

Base site extension

Image, text, video, logo
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