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How is web development currently done?

To understand Extenso let's look at how the current web industry produces websites and web applications:

  • The client uses a specialized agency
  • Each specialist use his own tools
  • The work of everyone must be mixed together to meet the needs of the client
  • Each intervention requires the collaboration of the entire team


  • We must pay and maintain each of the tools
  • The perience of the realization is difficult to maintain
  • Security of information and the site is often missing
  • The work is often to redo from one client to another



Our eco-system

An all-in-one platform to meet client needs

  • A wide range of packages and components is available for the non-coder-designer in the component pool
  • All the necessary tools for custom development are integrated into Extenso allowing to make components that will be deposited in the components pool. All types of web applications or websites can be developed with Extenso ranging from the simplest to the most complex with minimum coding.
  • All the components are connected to each other using the same database.
  • Designers use the "no code" grid to design site pages without limits to creativity all without the intervention of a frontend programmer.
  • The designer can integrate prefabricated components available in the pool and adapt the visual without the intervention of a programmer.
  • Site administrators have tools to maintain content, respond to requests, and promote services.

Benefits :

  • Less programming time therefore faster online
  • Requires fewer specialists
  • All stakeholders become experts at Extenso
  • If a stakeholder leaves the knowledge remains
  • The three types of speakers, designers, developers and administrators are autonomous in the field of their own.

In the loop

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