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Who uses Extenso

Agencies use Extenso to build websites that represent their customers without coding. Companies use Extenso to build their websites but also to use or develop Intranets or Extranets and manage services for their customers with minimum coding. Developers use Extenso to quickly develop mobile web applications, complex applications such as banking, manufacturing, AI ...


The benefits of Extenso for an agency

Extenso offers a wide range of possibilities. Find below the most important ones :

  • Autonomy for your designers: they do not depend on programmers for the pages' layout. They have full control on both visual and dynamic effects.
  • One platform: your employees become Extenso experts because they do not have to learn many technologies
  • Fill the lack of resources: As It is difficult to find programmers and keep them once trained, Extenso can help you when faced with this situation
  • Peace of mind: All Extenso modules and components are tested and optimized to secure websites.
  • Promote: Applications integrated with Extenso make it easier Search Engine optimization, advertising placement, email communications etc.
  • CRM: to track customers
  • Dashboard of traffic that allows you to see the impact of your campaigns

The benefits of Extenso for business owners

  • Same benefits as agencies
  • Customer Contact: Build an Extranet to simplify communication and reduce cost
  • Corporate intranet: documentation, internal communication

The benefits for developers

  • With Extenso, developers can easily deploy a highly secured CMS by creating a database or a backoffice quickly without coding
  • One platform: no need to learn a multitude of technologies
  • Resale: Develop reusable components and modules and increase your income
  • Develop complex platforms: for banking, manufacturing, AI ...

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