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Tabs with content(grid)


The tabs with content(grid) component allows the user to create unique tabs on any one of their site pages. 


Setup procedure:

  1. Search and add tabs with content(grid) from the components in the Design tab of your extenso
  2. Create a new section, row or column and add the contents you'd like to display inside of it (Note: a single individual widget will work as well)
  3. With the newly created element selected click on the CSS dropdown on the right-hand side of your website (stay on the Design tab)
  4. In the ID field add a unique identifier and click Apply. Do this with as many sections, rows and columns as you'd like
  5. In the Tabs with content(grid) component, click on Toggle additional options > Tabs Table (using the grid), there you'll find all the tabs created, by default, there are 2
  6. Click on the UID button of a tab and add the unique ID established earlier to the Tab id field
  7. Save & Generate!

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