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I'm ready to go live, is there something left to do?

I'm done with the design and the content of my website and I'm now ready to go live with it.

Is there a checklist that can help me prepare everything for this.

Asked on 2020-06-11 07:26:00


  • What is the real name? With or without the www
  • Other synonyms with redirection to the main name
  • Do they want an SSL certificate?
    • If yes, paid or free.
    • If we take free, then we can only do it after the transfer
  • Do you install all meta?
  • In the SEO config
    • Google analytics
    • GTM - Google tag manager
    • Bing - Related to SEO.
  • Have you tested the production site?
    • Your staging url without the s at the start.
      Ex. staging =
      Production =
  • Do you have written confirmation that the customer tested in production?
  • Favicon installed?
  • robots.txt?
  • Pages modified to allow indexing by search engines
  • Have the seo index box checked for each of the pages.
  • Sitemaps installed.
    • Check the sitemap.
  • Change the production URL in the site settings.
  • Republish all pages and check them.
  • Save all used email in the mailbuilder.
Answer by:
Etienne Carrier

Replied on: 2020-06-12 00:00:00