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What should I add for the documentation of widgets?

When I add or modify a widget. If this does not yet contain a description for the customer. Should I add one, if so what should I add?

Asked on 2021-04-08 08:00:00


When we add or modify a widget, we must add a description and a video or images.

The videos must be uploaded to the site and you must add in the description of the widget:

Videos for Extenso documentation should be uploaded to

We do not put the videos inside the module because it takes too much disk space.

<vidéo controls="" height="480" width="100%"> <source src="" type="vidéo/mp4" /> 
  Votre fureteur ne supporte pas les vidéos</vidéo>

Answer by:
Pierre Laplante

Replied on: 2021-04-08 09:00:00