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Configure your store


The store is an Extenso module that allows you to manage a shop in your website. It is a complete tool that gives you access to users's management, product categories, but also products on sale. In this section we will see how to configure your store.

Configure the shop

One of the important steps you will have to go through in creating a shop on your website is its configuration. To configure your store please click on "STORE" in the left panel in the backend of your site.

Here are the main parameters you must configure before deploying your store: 

  • Shipping: Define the shipping methods and rates. You can specify the product's weight (minimum and maximum), the shipping region, the delay, currencies and the price 
  • Discounts: add global discounts, discounts on delivery or create discount code. (It is also possible to apply a discount on a specific product, or create one for a user for example)
  • Add Vendors: you can add new vendors in your shop
  • Setting up Taxes: With Extenso, you can directly manage your taxes in the Store module. This way, you can define the taxes according to the country, and the regions of each country for international sites.
  • Currency: List of available currencies for your store.
  • Products Options: Add or remove options such as the quantity or color of your products. .