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No Code Design


Extenso gives designers power to create websites without knowledge of HTML, CSS, JavaScript or coding while maximizing creativity.

Create your own style

With Extenso, you can edit styles without any prior css knowledge. Use our Style Editor to easily customize the look and feel of your content.

Customize your modules and components

Did you find the widgets/modules you need? Time to customize them! Each module come with a set of parameters that will allow you to control the way they work.

Preview on different devices

Use extenso to test your website on mobile (landscape and portrait), tablet, laptop and desktop. You can also choose what to show or hide on a specific device.










Need to flip, zoom or add a fade on a block? Extenso can help you do that without coding.


Add features

Add functionalities to your site by choosing within a wide catalog of extensions and components. Note that all the functionalities are multilingual.


Create reusable blocks, templates, pagetypes and be more efficient at creating content.

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Create reusable blocks

In your page, use the grid to create saved sections or widgets and be able to reuse them where you want

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Create master pages (templates)

Save time by creating master pages (templates) and use them to build your pages.


Create pagetypes

Need a new kind of page? No problem, create new pagetypes. Use that new pagetype with a master template and you got a combo that will allow you to easily create content that have the same design.

Add modules

In Extenso, we do not only have widgets; we also create modules: sets of widgets that works all together. For instance, Ecommerce module (Ecom), Newsletter module (Directmail) etc

Low Code Development

Extenso is not just for content creators; it is a powerful development tool. You want to create your own web application? Take advantage of the power of the language behind Extenso and create your extensions, components and apps. Create your databases. Build your own CMS and Backoffice also call "Headless backend system". There's no limit with Extenso


Develop with a language made for the web

A compiled programming language that allows you to build secure and more efficient pages.

IDE integrated in Extenso

Need an integrated development environment? Find one inside Extenso

Create and generate the custom database for your needs without coding

You can create tables, fields, indexes, stored procedures, and triggers without exiting Extenso and without coding.

Generate a custom CMS and backoffice without codin, commonly called "Headless CMS"

Don't want to be stuck with a generic backend? Extenso is built for you. The headless CMS builder that make the content accessible via a RESTful API or GraphQL API for display on any device.

Update Extenso, its modules and widgets easily with the integrated Gitlab

Enjoy the strength of Extenso with custom updates thanks to Gitlab.


Managing your content is now visual and easy. From the beginning of your project, you will be able to create a multilingual site simply and quickly using our multilingual interface. Using our grid system, you will be able to create your pages, add content and preview your creation before deployment; all this in a secure environment. In addition the backend is available by default in English and French.

Manage contents

Create, copy, export or import your content. Extenso makes your life easier!


Manage your site in several languages. Edit content in one language and do the same in other languages in the same interface. With Extenso, sites in several languages are a breeze to manage!

Manage menus and pages

With all the new pages you created, it is now time to put them on your site. Use our menu manager to select the pages and place them where you want in the navigation.

Control who can do what

With Extenso, create new users with different roles. Allow someone to view pages and not databases, to send emails or not, modify texts but not the grid, etc.


In Extenso, there's two environments : Staging and Production. Use the Staging environment to do your changes and testing. When everything looks like and work as it should, you can now deploy these changes to the Production environment so the user on your site can see your updated site.

An effective backend

Easily manage all registrations, subscriptions, email communications, etc.



Add advertising or manage your external advertising mass mailing. Communicate with your subscribers and customers or view usage statistics. Extenso allows you to better know your customers


SEO optimization

Extenso is there to help you build a search engine optimized website.

Add advertising

Don't want to deal with Google adsense or another advertising agency? Use Adnove, our module for Ad management.

Manage and send Newsletters

Create your emails and campaigns with a simple and visual tool, select the recipients, send and check the result with Extenso's integrated DirectMail module


You have a specific module you want to monitor? Use one of our dashboards or create your own.


In the loop

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