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Presentation of extenso interface

Explanation of the different sections of the extenso interface.

Left column :

CMS Onlget

The CMS tab is the set of menus allowing you to control various options of your site or even access the tables of content of certain components or functionality specific to your site.

Eg: if you have an ecommerce module, this is where you will find access to the various options and management tables.

Page tab

This is the place where you will find all of the pages on your site.
It also includes a section for managing your templates as well as a list of all the different types of pages related to the modules of your site.

Design tab.

The design tab allows you to view the options available for drag and drop components and sections.
Top section depending on the left tab will display the tab for viewing your site and / or the edit tab of the table that you will have opened from the CMS menu.

Test button: allows you to open the site in a browser tab without the extenso interface.
Deploy :  Allows access to the production deployment page.

In design mode, you will see a navigation bar and option allowing you to interact with your site visible in the central frame.
There are site viewing options depending on the type of screen

Right column for Design display

Displays all the different design settings for the grid elements.

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