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Power to designers

Extenso gives designers power to create websites without knowledge of HTML, CSS, JavaScript or coding while maximizing creativity.

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Create reusable blocks, templates, pagetypes and be more efficient at creating content.

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Manage Content

Managing your content is now visual and easy. Using our grid system, you will be able to create your pages, add content and preview your creation before deployment. All this in a secure environment.

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Control access

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Manage the content of all types (Text, image, video etc) easily and visually.


Add sections and pages

View your site before deploying online.



Extenso is not just for content creators; it is a powerful development tool. You want to create your own web application?

  • Take advantage of the power of the language behind Extenso and create your modules, widgets and apps.
  • Create your databases.
  • Build your own CMS and Backend. There's no limit with Extenso

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  • Add advertising or manage your external advertising
  • Mass mailing, communicating with your subscribers and customers
  • View usage statistics. Extenso allows you to better know your customers

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