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Revolutionize the Web.

If you want to participate in the web revolution, join extenso


The Web for All


Abolishing the border between what can be done today and what we will do tomorrow to make the Web accessible to everyone is the mission of extenso! We want to democratize the Web by making it accessible, easy to use, fast, secure, and scalable.


The all-in-one Web


extenso offers for the first time an all-in-one digital platform to meet all needs with a built-in plug-ins and widgets set.


The Green Web

extenso is part of the first generation of Green Programming tools designed to optimize the use of the web and thus reduce the ecological footprint of Web sites and applications.


Your ideas should be powered by the best technology

Become "fullstack" for real

extenso gives power to users. According to your needs, the use of image processing software and front-end and back-end programming is virtually eliminated. Imagine your creative power!

Provide the ultimate experience for Internet users

The user experience is maximum and the navigation experience is optimal with a better response time.

Save up to 90%

Its ease of use and its speed of execution make it possible to reduce the time of creation of a site or a web application in an incredible way.

Whether you are an organization or a web agency who wishes to work with a high-performance digital platform, extenso was created especially for you.

Work with a solution for the future!


What Gartner has identified as one of the three IT megatrends for the next 10 years - digital platforms - extenso offers it today! Our next-generation Web platform allows real integration of different business solutions and is a true multisolutions platform.


No integration


No compromise on creativity, performance, security, scalability and content management



No programming except for customization

The only truly complete digital platform in the market placing the Web at the center of all the company's activities

Finish with fragmented solutions


For the first time, you get a digital platform that encompasses both development, design, and content management (CMS) for unmatched performance.

Get everything in one place


Dreamt by many of our partners, Extenso is the only platform offering a truly complete solution that integrates CMS, e-commerce, CRM, mass mailings, intranet / extranet, human resources, etc.

More than 2500 sites and applications to date created with Extenso


Benefit from substantial savings thanks to:

An even bigger revolution

A market extenso
of modules

The Extenso market will be the first open programming ecosystem. For security, quality, accessibility and performance, the modules will controlled and approved. It will offer ready-made generic modules created by craftsmen or experts. The accumulated intelligence in the modules will create unrivaled potential at a reasonable cost.

A "live"

The web is the future. We believe that it will become the strategic center of the organizations by bringing together all the functions that are useful to their operations. In order to do this, it is necessary to have effective tools adapted to everyone. Extenso eliminates the structural brakes that prevent the evolution of the web as it is becoming slower, less secure, more energy intensive and expensive to maintain. Extenso offers this simplicity, power and scalability that are essential to make the web truly for everyone.

A Web Development
Ecosystem (WDE)

In order to make the web truly democratic, we will establish a web development ecosystem in order to promote a more cooperative form of development. An open and flexible development environment will bring together a community of actors (designers, programmers, users) eager to participate in building a healthy, effective and sustainable web. This community will design large-scale, sophisticated and modular technological components that exploit the multiple capabilities of the Web in the future.

Want to contribute and join the "Web for all" community?


If you want to participate in the emergence of a sustainable and effective web-aware community of actors, join us now!

By choosing Extenso V6, you opt for a tool deeply rooted in the future of the Web thanks to its simplicity of use, its security, its power and especially its limitless evolutionary capacities.


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